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Granada Map  Click the Red pin on the map to show Júbar - then use +/- buttons to zoom in and out of the map.

Flights to Granada (90km approx 56 miles - approx. 1½ hours drive from Júbar)
During the summer months (April-end Oct) we would recommend using RyanAir, as we find they are poss. the cheapest.
They offer a very basic service i.e. no free on-board meals.  Meals & drinks are available on the flight but at very inflated prices!
Flights out from LIVERPOOL Airport are usually Thurs 6:05a.m. and Sundays 7:30a.m. Flight approx 2 ½hrs.

Be also aware if you haven't flown for a while -

  • Do not carry anything sharp - knives, scissors etc. in your Hand luggage (put in suitcase, if you are taking one).
  • Ladies: try and put all your make-up and anything in a bottle, into your suitcases - if you carry it in your hand luggage
    you will have to buy self-sealing small plastic see-through bags (50p for 2) before they will let you take them through.
  • You will not be allowed to carry any bottles of drink or liquids over 100ml and will take any bottles of water etc. off you


Directions from Granada Airport to Júbar :   

  • Come out of the Airport and take the A92 East towards Almeria/Guadix.
  • Dual Carriageway to Junction 312 > La Calahorra village on A337
  • keep on this road - bear right towards Larolles Village.
  • Climb up hill - you will see turning to Júbar on the right.
  • Go up here for approx.¼ mile to the village
  • When you get to the Village Square you hairpin tight left and Agua del Casa is the end house 30 yds on the left


EasyJet flies from Gatwick Airport into and out of Almeria Airport - consists of one passenger terminal. (Tel: + (34) 950 213 700)

(approx. 1½ hours drive from Júbar)
This would be a better Airport to fly to during winter months (Nov-March) as driving up through the mountainous areas during
the winter months you may encounter snow or bad conditions.

Homeward journey to Almeria Airport

From Almeria, follow the AL-12 motorway. Turn off at kilometre nine, and follow the single carriageway to Níjar.
The airport can also be reached from Autovía del Mediterráneo A-7.

The Taxi Rank is located directly outside the passenger terminal.

During the winter Months you could also fly into MALAGA AIRPORT (Tel: +34 9024 04704) The airport is situated 8km (5 miles) southwest of Málaga city centre, if you didn't want to go to Gatwick Airport to fly to Almeria. There are flights to Malaga from several different Airport locations, that my be more convenient for you.  The road from Malaga would be easer to travel to Júbar.

Malaga flights

CAR HIRE  (extra info. on driving in Spain on "Useful Information" page) 
(Alternatively, we can arrange a Pick-up from either Airport > Júbar)

  • We would recommend you do hire a car for the duration of your holiday, as this would enable you to get around and see
    the sites and also travel to the next villages to shop at the supermarkets or go to the Cash Points etc.
  • When you get to your destination Airport the Car Hire Firms are sited altogether in a row as you come out of the Arrivals.
    • - you just go up to the appropriate window to book-out your car and confirm your details.
  • They will usually take payment in £ or  €uros (just ask) - you can pay with your Debit card
    •  - Just check which Cards they will accept tho before you go, as when I was waiting to collect my car someone in front of me was having problems, as he was trying to pay with a card they wouldn't accept.
    • - CHECK in ADVANCE which cards they do accept!!